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Homework planner for ADHD students

Students with ADHD, which implies Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have more struggles than the normal students in focusing and finishing their homework tasks on time. Apparently, getting good grades in academic performance is far away a dream for them. Parents of kids with ADHD also agree with this! According to them, their children do not have the skills to stay organized and manage their assignments wisely which affects their school performance. Thankfully, they can now resort to the digital ADHD student planner that comes with exclusive features to support students as well as the parents or teachers.

Finding the best homework planner helps students to build executive functions that lead them to success in academic as well as life. By executive functions, it means planning and sorting of tasks is an effective way while managing stress at the same time. Organization of tasks and management of executive functions are the foundation of higher productivity and academic success.

Needless to say, focus and carefulness are what students need to have better executive functioning skills. While technology has revolutionized every sphere of our lives, education is also not left from its influence. You will find several benefits of technology in education and the digital student planner apps are one of the best examples! Students with ADHD find difficulties in concentrating and thereby, they find such apps highly useful to complete their tasks.

If you are a parent or a teacher of a child with ADHD and looking for some extra help to organize your kid’s tasks, read this comprehensive blog till the end to know how an ADHD Student planner will help.

What is ADHD?

ADHD or Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder is one of the common disorders faced by kids during their childhood phase. It’s a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes trouble focusing, paying attention to a particular activity at a time, and controlling impulsive behaviors.

While lack of attention and impulsive or erratic behaviors are common in many children, those with ADHD have difficulties more than that.

They are unable to restrain their behaviors or grow out of them to focus on their study life. Sometimes, the symptoms of ADHD are severe which impacts their school life as well as relationships with family and friends.

Children with ADHD tend to act impulsively and have difficulties staying still and concentrating on a task. Being restless, they may leave a task unfinished if not continuously guided by a parent or teacher. Their symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsiveness are likely to aggravate or diminish as they grow above 12 years. Also, their symptoms are inevitable in any setting but not only at home. It is also for this reason that the academic planner for ADHD students often comes in handy to parents and teachers.

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Types of ADHD Symptoms

1. Predominantly Inattentive

A majority of ADHD faces this type and most of the symptoms of the disorder are seen in this type. Key symptoms they show are difficulty in concentrating, inability to take notes or memorize, difficulty in organizing tasks, losing or forgetting items, etc.

2. Predominantly Hyperactive or Impulsive

Children with this type of ADHD are unable to sit still and stay calm in one place. The other symptoms are talking too much, interrupting others or blurting out too much, difficulty in waiting, and running around.

3. Combined

These are children with a mix of the above two types of ADHD i.e. they have symptoms of both and hence need more supervision and guidance.

Regardless of the type, ADHD does not allow students to have a balanced academic life and significantly affects their learning, skill development, and grades of performance. The only ADHD remedies that sound well for parents or teachers are keeping a strict eye on the students and closely monitoring their tasks or classes all the time.

Apart from that, parents can use a digital homework software for ADHD students to keep their children focused and bring calmness and routine to their academic life. A well-developed ADHD homework software with built-in features will work as their digital homework attention coach and lessen a lot of stress for the parents.

Why Do Students with ADHD Find It Hard to Focus?

Being focused is hard for students with ADHD and therefore, an external tool like a study planner is useful for them. But, why do they have problems with focusing or paying attention? It is mostly because they have a feeling of restlessness, inattentiveness, and forgetfulness. As a result, they easily feel bored with whatever they do and face struggles in focusing on school tasks or prioritizing their homework.

Some of the specific ADHD symptoms that make it hard for students to concentrate on their tasks and affect their study life are:

  • Daydreaming
  • Forgetting or losing things
  • Making careless mistakes
  • Unable to resist temptations
  • Difficulty in getting along or communicating with others
  • Experiencing boredom
  • Over stimulation

Due to all these reasons, ADHD parenting is undeniably challenging. Parents need proven and failsafe remedies to address the students’ problems and make them calm and focused. The earlier they can help their children, the better their chances to gain attentiveness and success in life.

Students with ADHD find difficulty in getting academic success because they lack skills for executive functions i.e. organizing, planning, and controlling erratic impulses to complete their tasks on time. For this reason, parents or teachers need an external tool such as an ADHD student planner to help their child with ADHD management and ensure continuous improvement in academic performance.

In short, students find it hard to achieve success in academic life because:

  • They have short attention spans,
  • They are unable to stick with one task,
  • They tend to be jittery all the time,
  • They face problems in getting along with teachers and other students, and
  • They have difficulty following instructions and rules.

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ADHD Treatment Guide for Parents

ADHD treatment thus includes boosting the executive functioning skills of students which are essential for academic success. Those skills include memorizing the tasks, prioritizing the tasks according to classes, planning how to complete them, and paying enough attention to complete them on time.

The parents of ADHD students need to create an ideal environment for their children to make them attentive or focused and the best planner for students with adhd helps them with that.

Any student who has lots of school tasks piled up needs sheer motivation to carry on and complete the tasks one after another. This is more obvious for students with ADHD who are impulsive and unable to focus on anything. An adhd study planner is recommended because it not just helps them stay organized but also provides certain gamified features like ‘points’ or ‘rewards’ which drive their motivation.

Thus, ADHD treatment becomes easier for parents with a modern solution like an academic planner for adhd students that helps in organizing tasks and strengthening the focus of students.

How Can Students With ADHD Focus?

Not only the students with ADHD have great difficulties balancing their student life but also their parents feel frustrated or overwhelmed to bring organization and success into their life. Therefore, a solution is needed that will help their kids organize their tasks and finish them while taking away maximum of parental stress.
A few crucial tips for ADHD students or their parents that help them focus are:

1. Doing one task at a time

The first tip for an ADHD student is to avoid multitasking and focus on one task at a time. The most serious problem with ADHD students is that they fail to finish a given task even after starting it on time. The parents or teachers should never provide them with more than one task. Since they lack concentration, they easily shift focus from one task to another. As a result, they will not be able to complete any of the tasks.
With multiple assignments needed to be completed, you should set the tasks according to priority and let your student complete them one by one.

2. Setting a time for a task

To focus well on a single task and complete it within time, it is necessary to set a time limit by yourself even if there is a deadline provided by the class. Setting your own timer along with breaks is more effective and can help your student complete it with fluency.
However, make sure to set a realistic time within which your student can complete a part of the task. Also, the breaks should be long enough to help him/her relax but also should not be much longer to allow the time to involve in other activities.

3. Breaking tasks into small manageable chunks

This trick is focused on by most ADHD academic planners and helps students to finish their tasks quite fast. This is useful for big tasks or complex projects. In those cases, a student gets perplexed and does not know how to start, organize it in different parts, and complete it on time. More specifically, ADHD students seem to lose motivation while doing such projects.

A homework software for ADHD students will help them to break down the large projects into small manageable parts. An ADHD parent can assign the project part by part and set a timer for each part. This way it helps parents to keep their students focused on larger assignments without feeling nervous or demotivated.

4. Visual reminders

A key way to prevent forgetfulness is to keep the crucial things always in sight. This is a common trick for helping students with ADHD. It is also a reason why the best planner for adhd students turned out to be effective. It helps to keep important tasks always in sight and stay alert about their deadline. An app always sends notifications for upcoming tasks. Thus, whenever a student forgets an assignment or gets involved in many other activities, the constant alerts on the desktop will remind them.

5. Block any distractions

One of the tips to help ADHD students focus is limiting distractions while they are doing a project or assignment. A parent or teacher can do that for the student by turning off their phones or digital devices, providing a separate silenced corner or room, and blocking noise with earplugs. For this reason, many parents today use the best academic planner for students with adhd that enables them to focus. They create a secluded workspace on the desktop that prevents other apps from the time of doing the assignment.

 6. Use a planner app

While these are a few usual tips, a digital academic planner for ADHD students can help their parents to apply all these tips at once and keep them focused. It works as a proper visual tool to prevent them from forgetting anything and help them manage their assignments on time. While traditional notebook planners or to-do lists were handy and effective earlier, students in this modern era should be provided with something more creative to stay hooked on their school tasks. That is why digital planner apps are replacing the traditional paper planners.

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Tips for Using The ADHD Student Planner

The best planner for adhd students ensures to enhance their abilities to manage multiple tasks, and be organized in their approach. It develops these skills through the various features that are integrated with lots of characteristics that are helpful for the students. These skills might appear simple and ineffective but it is powerful with an extraordinary role to play in the student’s personality development.

The ADHD student software often proves to be an important tool for managing their life and studies. These planners become your memory prompt, time manager, and organizational hub, through their features. It also aids in reducing classic ADHD symptoms like impulsiveness, distraction, and procrastination.

Parents need to choose the right and the best planner for students with adhd to help them achieve success and feel comfortable while studying. While you might be floored by the benefits of these planners, getting started with them is not always easy and smooth. Your kid might not start loving it from day one, but losing your hope isn’t going to help.

Here are a few essential tips on how you can use the planner to get maximum results while unveiling it gradually.

1. Introduce the planner to the kids

Do not expect your kid to jump with joy as you introduce the best planner for adhd students to them. Expect some resistance as that’s the way it works. Introducing anything new that they need to follow every day is not well absorbed by the kids. Start by using the planner at least once a week. Let them find the benefits of planning out the most important tasks of the week.

2. Make them do a planning session every day

Once the initial phase of introduction fades away, make your child do a planning session each day. Sit with your child and make them do a planning session. It makes them realize what should be their priorities for the day. The adhd study planner makes it easy for them to stay focused and fight the tendency of getting distracted.

3. Include break times

The best academic planner for students with adhd is incorporated with features that allow the students to take a break. It is not ideal to expect your child to study continuously. They need time for a break. And the student planners give them the desired time. It enables the students to avoid feeling anxious, pressurized, and irritable.

4. A habit to look at it often

Gradually the academic planner for adhd students turns into a habit. It is preferred to encourage them for using it and arranging and updating it every time. Using the planner often brings a lot of change in ADHD students and it also helps them to avoid feeling restless. Making the practice of using the planner a habit may be helpful for their academic and personal life as well.

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Perks of Clarifi’s ADHD Student Planner

Are you still in search of the best planner for students with adhd? Try Clarifi! It is a perfect planner that enables you to implement and experience the overall progress of your student and help them explore the wide range of benefits.
Some of the perks that your students will enjoy while using Clarifi’s ADHD student planner include:

1. Organize and track homework and activities

Keeping a track of school-related tasks and extracurricular activities can be an overwhelming task for ADHD students. But Clarifi’s adhd study planner turns out to be fun, exciting and motivating. The different categories, reminders, and colors used in the apps are brilliant to hook the students’ attention.

2. Enhancing executive functioning

Students with ADHD find it extremely troublesome to manage their time and perform executive functions. These are the necessary skills that help them to begin, memorize, plan, or even prioritize their daily tasks. The adhd student planner helps them to stay focused and complete things more productively.

3. Plan and reach goals

One of the important lessons that your adhd student will learn through Clarifi, the best planner for students with adhd is the importance of planning. It helps them in overall organization, time-management, and executive functioning aspects. As they get accustomed to the student planner, they can enlist the activities and plan their way to achieve their goals.

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Closing Thoughts

Several studies on ADHD students showed that they can overcome their struggles to stay focused with effective strategies such as organization of tasks, blockage of distractions, and visual reminders. However, it is often hard for the parents to apply these strategies in a consistent manner and make them a habit for their ADHD kids who are impulsive, inattentive, and lack planning abilities.

The use of a digital Student planner for ADHD students makes these strategies or practices possible. Clarifi is the most preferred desktop planner today for its simple interface and helpful features. It is easy to use for both the parents and the students. Getting started with the app on your desktop is also absolutely simple! You just need to download and install it on your student’s desktop.

It runs seamlessly on all types of devices and operating systems.If your child has ADHD and is struggling to improve his or her school performance, install it today for ensuring greater focus and improving academic outcomes.

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