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best homework planner

Students face hurdles in completing their homework on time, especially when there are lots of tasks or assignments piled up. What they most need is an effective homework planner that will help them both to organize their tasks, keep track of them, and never miss out on anything in their class or calendar AND to stay focused and minimize distractions as they complete their work.

Parents are often busy with various personal, professional, and household commitments, which restricts their availability to help the children with their homework. It should not be a concern anymore with the smart digital homework planner, Clarifi!

With technology driving and determining each action we take; it has literally taken over the world and has grabbed a strong hold over children. Parents often voice their concern against the rising use of technology for kids, particularly for students with the serious challenge of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or other Attention Challenges.

Affecting their studies, this situation seriously hampers their ability to focus and manage their attention to absorb information the first time like others, and this can impact their academic performance and grades. Clarifi is one of the best ADHD student Planner to focus on their studies and keep distractions at bay.

It provides you, the parent, with a better and more comprehensive solution for your child’s homework and contributes essentially to making them independent in completing their home assignments. In fact, 89% of parents say that their student using Clarifi enables them to complete homework more independently. The software is essential to provide parents relief from hovering over their kids’ shoulders when they need to complete their homework.

Continue reading below to know everything that you need about this efficient, effective, and smart digital homework planner.

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Looking For An Advanced Tool To Enhance Your Student’s Focus?

If you are looking for an advanced tool that might help students to enhance their focus on their studies, Clarifi is the ultimate solution for you. It is time to introduce them to this Homework planner to reduce their missing assignments, improve their grades, and strengthen their confidence. Your child has gifts, and we should give them the tools to let those gifts shine.

The software consists of tremendous features that have made it a smart preference among parents for their children. It can be a wise decision to choose a proven method of student planning that is rich in relevance and interface, instead of using software built for accountants and lawyers.

Though for years all academies have been using traditional paper and diaries for their academic agenda. Now there are huge options available to handle all academic tasks through homework planning software. With developed technology, the digital homework planner desktop application works magically to assist students in achieving their academic goals briskly and smoothly. At present, it’s mostly a tech-connected world, and so the requirement for a tech-oriented student homework planner is high and prominent.

What Makes Clarifi The Best Homework Planner?

As smart apps, planners, and productivity softwares have become popular in other industries and for other age groups, these tools are now exploding in the field of education. Like adults need tools like Toggl, Freedom, Superhuman, Motion Smart Calendar, Timeular, and a million types of Pomodoro timers, there is huge demand to give similar tools to students. After all, while adults have difficulty focusing, it is much more challenging for adolescents who have not fully developed their self-regulation skills and who are being told to complete tedious homework on the same device they play video games and socialize with friends.

Students have to work across a dozen different homework assignments at a time. As a result, they are sure to make a mess of assignments when they try to tackle everything at once. The task becomes more challenging when it comes to submitting all assignments within a deadline. Clarifi to your rescue here!

This digital student planner aids the students to complete their tasks on time with less effort. It is equipped with a pre-scheduling feature that can help you to track all homework assignments timely without skipping them.

Clarifi is the best solution for students to access real-time help. Being an intuitive digital homework planner, it assists the students to keep their assignments organized in one place and give them some innovative tools to strengthen their executive functioning skills.

Being the top daily homework planner software, Clarifi is integrated with the best market features. They encourage students to complete their assignments within the scheduled time by providing gems or rewards along with parents. Every student can collect gems after completing their assignments successfully and on time. It adds more sparks to the entire learning process and students build up good study habits.

Clarifi is the finest digital student homework planner to give an effective result for all students. It is uniquely created to make students more attentive in their studies.

How Does Our Homework Planner Help To Create An Ideal Environment?

A proper and ideal environment is imperative for the growth of a student. Every parent desires to provide a comfortable environment to the children to help them perform their best. With a well-organized area and proper support, the learning development of the child touches new heights.

Such an environment and organized space are also necessary when the students are planning to complete their homework. It has been noted by many parents that the homework environment has played a huge role in defining and determining their child’s academic grades. So, there is a greater need in every household for creating a specific, noise-free homework environment that would help the child to flourish.

With the introduction of the best daily assignment planner, Clarifi, there is a great shift in the attention and focus ability of the students. Their academic performance has also improved for betterment.

It is integrated with features that aid students to stay focused and motivated to complete their homework independently. It allows the students to understand the value of completing all assignments in an organized way. This daily homework planner software easily makes an ideal environment for all students encouraging them to level up their productivity. With some exciting features, Clarifi becomes the best friend of all kids and inspires all students to improve their academic performance.

Clarifi Provides a Perfect Environment For All Students

1. Make students engrossed in completing assignments

Using Clarifi whenever students complete their targeted task, they are rewarded with gems. This facility assists to motivate all students in completing the entire homework as early as possible and build up good study habits.

2. Blocking other distractions

With developed tools and the latest technology, Clarifi is designed uniquely to block out distractions and make all students more focused on completing their homework assignments. Whenever a student uses this software, all the other applications will be blocked temporarily. Creating a focused and undistracted environment for the student, the app makes a unique approach as the best digital academic partner for all students.

3. Make all students relaxed

When a student uses Clarifi to complete home tasks or assignments, being the best student homework planner, it helps them to complete the entire task at the scheduled time. As a result, students get extra time to relax and feel more confident.

4. Students overcome all hurdles

Sometimes students face various challenging moments to complete their homework assignments, but homework management software aids them to overcome all challenges effortlessly. Using a homework planner, it becomes easy to complete more tasks efficiently. It improves the productivity of all students.

5. Students become independent at completing homework

If students repeatedly fail to complete homework assignments, the school administrators or teachers may send a report to their parents to inform them of their kid’s challenges. Since parents have their own many real-life pressures and obligations, it’s not feasible for parents to pay attention to their kids’ studies and hover over their shoulders to ensure they are completing and submitting work.

They prefer to take the help of the best daily homework planner software, which is known for aiding the students to overcome all obstacles and complete their assignments successfully and independently.

6. Students get some free time

All students have an interest in getting involved in fun activities like sports, drawing, and so on. But they don’t get enough leisure time to enjoy those activities particularly when they complete homework inefficiently. Homework management software is a smart option for all students to complete their assignments according to the class or calendar dates. This assists the children to get some free time to spend on their other curriculum activities.

7. Students complete the entire homework assignment in a fun way

Clarifi helps to make homework fun for students as it takes what is boring and tedious and gamifies it with gems and rewards. It’s very common to get some tricky situations for all students to finish their home tasks and assignments. But the best app to keep track of homework is designed with the latest tools and technology. It helps students to complete their assignment strategically and make the entire learning process more enjoyable at the same time less stressful.

8. Students become more attentive to completing the assignments

Homework management software has special abilities and facilities to make students more engaged and focused to complete their homework. It even blocks all other apps temporarily to make the user more involved in their assignments or home tasks. By offering some attractive rewards, homework software management makes the entire learning process more engrossing to develop good study habits.

9. Students gain a sense of time management

Utilizing student homework management software, children can strategically plan all their tasks and be able to catch up with all their deadlines. It teaches them the value of time and the ways to properly manage it.

10. Students become more organized

Homework management software is the best option for students to plan their homework assignments in an organized way. Students can understand the importance of completing their tasks on time instead of spending time mindlessly on the social media platform and they start to follow a planned study routine.

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Feature Of Our Digital Homework Attention Coach

There are several ways through which our homework attention coach works. It can easily elevate the learning experience of a student. Clarifi is the best homework planner that helps in improving assignment management skills to alleviating pressure from parents or guardians, for all students. Clarifi works efficiently as the best app to keep track of homework assignments, reminding the students of the next submission date.

It is the best application to serve as a perfect digital student homework planner. It’s a simple and easy-to-use desktop application that develops the confidence level of all students.

Being the best homework planner, Clarifi is a super helpful app to keep track of all homework assignments and exams. It decreases the chance of missing out on homework assignments.

This homework planner has a unique feature of giving notifications and reminders about upcoming assignments or homework. Clarifi is a robust homework planner that aids all students to complete all home tasks within the scheduled time.

Here is the list of the features of the best student homework planner

1. It makes students independent

Clarifi is the best solution for all students to achieve their educational goals and academic grades. It aids students to complete their homework assignments independently. By introducing this best assignment planner to their students, all parents can enjoy some free time to encourage their interests and activities. It assists students at every level to make their academic performance better.

2. It has an attractive rewarding feature

Rewards are always encouraging, whether we are talking about children or elders. It is a great way to tap the attention of the people and encourage them to indulge in activities that we want them to. Using this psychology, Clarifi encourages the students to complete their assignments independently, while getting attractive rewards on successful completion! It stimulates students to level up their productivity.

3. It blocks distractions

The software is exclusively designed with the latest technologies which block all other applications, whenever the students use this homework planner. As a result, students become more attentive and deliver better performances.

4. It offers students an enjoyable learning process

Clarifi makes the entire learning process more engrossing and aids students to build up good study habits. As a result, students will easily go forward to achieve their academic goals in a fun way. Students enjoy the learning process when they use Clarifi as their homework planner.

5. It makes handling schoolwork easy

The homework planning app is extremely helpful to track all schoolwork and assignment.
The students find it extremely easy to use it, as it allows them to add their assignments and keep a track of them all, in one place. It makes handling different subjects and homework, easy and quick.

6. It is highly effective for students

Sometimes it becomes a hassle for students to use a traditional paper planner to track all assignments, homework schedules, and classes. Many children also forget to check their assignments timely. By utilizing the best student planner, students can easily track their home tasks and assignments through phones, laptops, or other devices. Students will get continuous reminders of their undone assignments.

7. Allows the children to go digital

A Homework planner is a wonderful time-saving tool for all students. It aids kids to plan their assignments in an organized way. Nowadays, most schools are becoming digital-based, even incorporating iPad, laptops, and desktops to make a complete digital-based learning environment. It’s the prime time for saying goodbye to the old and traditional paper student planner.

8. It simplifies the tasks

How Our Student Planning Software Helps Students?

1.  Perfect Scheduling

Through homework planning software the entire scheduling process becomes an easy task. Complete your lesson planning, class organizing, and all other hard-to-do tasks effortlessly.

2. Tracking the task

Tracking all tasks is not simple work, it’s time-consuming. But when a student takes the help of a digital student planner, it’s simple to track every small and big task with just a click on your device.

3. Time-to-time notifications

There is no risk to overlook any task or assignment when students are using a homework planner. It keeps giving every notification of all classes, exams, and other upcoming academic assignments.

4. It plays a vital role in the academic revolution

A Homework planner is the best way to track all academic evolution. This is a convenient option to achieve academic goals. Using a digital student planner not only does daily or weekly study planning but also improves the student’s academic grades. Our homework planner helps the student to gain valuable assignment management skills, which are extremely important for a successful career graph.

Benefits of Using Our Homework Planner For Academic Evolution

1. Make students more focused

At present, the prime factor for all students is to make them focus on their studies. Clarifi Homework planner is designed uniquely to block all distractions and increase their concentration abilities.

2. Helps students to gain more confidence

When students use a planning app for their studies and assignments, they can easily complete their long-term and short-term projects on time. This factor helps all students to gain more confidence and push them to go forward.

3. Helps students to complete their assignments in timely

A stand-out student planner is featured with reminding alarm or notification. So that students never miss tracking any assignment timely. When student complete their assignment regularly and on time, it creates a sense of responsibility for all students in their education. They become more disciplined and punctual.

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Organize Your Child’s Schedule With The Best homework Planner software

A student’s achievement rises rapidly when a teacher assigns the toughest tasks and students complete those. Completing homework assignments timely helps students move forward into the upper grades. For students, it’s tough to complete all homework assignments at right time without errors. When their workload increases, they are juggling among several tasks.

It might happen that the student is relaxing during leisure time involved in some fun activities and suddenly recalls the home tasks that need to be submitted the next day. But they have not started it yet.

Students are also human being and their brain is not built to store all information at once. It’s a smart decision to structure their work with the best homework management software. It will be easy for them to complete all tasks timely and adeptly.

Operating Systems Compatible With Clarifi Desktop Application

Our digital homework planner is equipped with interesting features and is integrated with various practical solutions that provide relief to parents. It is compatible with different operating systems, allowing the students to use it no matter what OS they are using.

Linux, iOS, and Windows are commonly popular and used operating systems that are used by people. And this software is designed to be compatible with each of them. It gives the students similar liberty and features in each OS.

Introduce this Homework planner to the students today and make their life, simpler and easier!

Clarifi Clarifies The Student Homework Plans!

Needless to say, a digital homework planner is any day better than a traditional paper planner for numerous reasons. Not only the students but also the parents and teachers benefit from it! They now have a digital tool to seamlessly monitor their students’ assignments and so do not need to physically hover around to ensure they complete their tasks.

All-in-all, a digital student planner app helps students to keep their tasks, classes, lessons, or assignments organized and specially it is very helpful for students with ADHD. This makes them more productive and enhances their academic grades and performance.

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