A better way to do homework

Clarifi helps digital homework get done faster and makes it (more) fun!

Clarifi app keeps out distractions, rewards students with points and levels, and provides planning tools to make sure no task gets overlooked.

We recently launched our pilot program and are looking for more awesome middle- and high-school students to give it a try.

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Helps students stay on track with a distraction-free workspace that includes nudges and planning tools

Uses evidence-based strategies developed  by leading university researchers and educational experts

Saves parents time, stress, and money and helps track progress towards goals


What we're all about...


Bryan Dinner


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I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was fourteen years old. While daily math homework and long essays were certainly a struggle, my creativity and outside the box thinking were gifts that I would not have traded for anything in the world. Looking back at those middle and high school years, I wished I had a more accessible and omnipresent guiding hand to help me through the challenges of ADHD. 

We at Clarifi believe that students with ADHD have gifts that will change the world for the better because they see the world differently from everyone else. Clarifi exists to amplify ADHD students' gifts by providing them the right toolkit to bring their creativity to life.


But don't just take it from us...


Clarifi is saving us hundreds if not thousands of dollars on tutors and coaches that we simply don't need anymore.

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