Giving parents of distracted students peace of mind.

Helping Student with Homework
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Stand Up Meeting
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Keeping Students Focused with Intelligent Nudges and a Distraction-free Digital Workspace

Using Evidence-based Strategies Developed and Tested by Leading University Researchers

Saving Parents Time, Stress, and Money on Tutors and Coaches

Focus Plan

$28.99 / Month

  • Ideal for Online Class and Reading and Math Homework

  • Distraction-free Workspace

  • Intelligent Nudges to Maintain Focus

Optimize Plan

$44.99 / Month

  • Includes Focus Plan

  • Ideal for Long Writing Projects & Daily Task Management

  • Intelligent Tools for Organization & Time Management

Family Plan

$78.99 / Month

  • Includes Five Optimize Plan Memberships for your Family

  • Provides an Intelligent Parent Dashboard for All Schoolwork 

  • Connects to School Website, so Everything is in One Place


Dr. Steven Greene - ADHD Adolescent Specialist

Modern computers were not made with children in mind. Many students in high school and middle school lack the self regulatory skills needed to work online.

The Clarifi Team


Bryan Dinner

ADHD Superstar

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Bryan is a JD/MBA candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. Having first-hand experience with ADHD, Bryan aspires to improve the lives of ADHD students in today's distracting world. Prior to Clarifi, Bryan was a strategy consultant at Accenture.


Daniel Zhu

Head of Product

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Daniel is a Duke alum and a student at the Wharton School. Daniel comes from a management consulting background. Prior to Clarifi, he worked across a range of different projects in Bain & Company's private equity practice.


Timo Vaimann

Head of Marketing

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Timo is a Dartmouth alum and an MBA student at the Wharton School.
Prior to joining the Clarifi team, he worked as a management consultant at Bain & Company where he focused on corporate strategy and healthcare.