Giving parents of distracted students peace of mind.

Clarify is your student's toolkit for the digital learning environment. Developed using the leading evidence-based self-regulation strategies. It is guaranteed to save parents time and stress by improving your student's productivity and time management.

Helping Student with Homework

Focus Plan

$28.99 / Month

  • Ideal for Online Class and Reading and Math Homework

  • Distraction-free Workspace

  • Intelligent Nudges to Maintain Focus

Optimize Plan

$44.99 / Month

  • Includes Focus Plan

  • Ideal for Long Writing Projects & Daily Task Management

  • Intelligent Tools for Organization & Time Management

Family Plan

$78.99 / Month

  • Includes Five Optimize Plan Memberships for your Family

  • Provides an Intelligent Parent Dashboard for All Schoolwork 

  • Connects to School Website, so Everything is in One Place

Keeping Students Focused with Intelligent Nudges and a Distraction-free Digital Workspace

Using Evidence-based Strategies Developed and Tested by Leading University Researchers

Saving Parents Time, Stress, and Money on Tutors and Coaches


Dr. Steven Greene - ADHD Adolescent Specialist

Modern computers were not made with children in mind. Many students in high school and middle school lack the self regulatory skills needed to work online.