Privacy Policy

Our Promise to You: Protecting your data is our top priority. Clarifi is building the best space for students to do their digital homework — such a space starts with security and peace of mind. – Clarifi Team

Clarifi respects your privacy and protects your data. Supplying high quality security is incredibly important to us as individuals and as an organization. Clarifi complies with the relevant security and privacy standards of the jurisdictions where we operate (just the United States at this

Privacy Policy

Policy Updated: September 30th, 2021

This Privacy Policy applies to all of Clarifi’s business activities.

The Privacy Policy below describes:

  • The kinds of personal data that Clarifi collects and processes and how that data is collected;
  • How that data is used and shared;
  • How that data is protected;
  • And what choices you have for accessing the personal data you provide;
  • And additional important privacy and data information.

The data collected from using our services will be limited solely to the purpose of providing the service for which Clarifi was engaged.

1. The kinds of personal data that Clarifi collects and processes and how that data is collected

Data is collected and processed in different ways based on the different ways you interact with Clarifi. The three general ways that your personal data is collected and processed are: a.Visiting our websites, b. Purchasing, registering, and using Clarifi products; c.Voluntarily submitting additional data to Clarifi.

You must be over 18 years old to use our website, join our waitlist, purchase our products or register our products. Parental consent or the consent of a guardian is required for a minor to start a Clarifi account and begin using our product and services.

a. Visiting our websites
When you visit our websites, through Clarifi’s third-party website providers, Wix, Google Analytics, and AWS, Clarifi stores your website usage in logs to ensure functionality and continuous improvement of our website. The data we track when visiting the website includes date, time, and duration of visit, IP address, device information (type of device, browser, OS), ISP, approximate city and state, referral/exit URL, clickstream and page access data, and preferred language.

b. Purchasing, registering, and using Clarifi products
Purchasing: When you purchase Clarifi products through our Clarifi website, your transaction data will be processed by our payment provider, Stripe. Your payment method and information will be handled by Stripe and not Clarifi. Clarifi will receive from Stripe your billing information, such as your name, email address, billing address and affiliation. Clarifi will also receive confirmation of the purchase, including the product or plan purchased and the amount paid.

Registering: When you register Clarifi products, you will provide information for student accounts and for their connected parent accounts, you may also provide information for educator and administrator accounts, depending on your product and service.
For each student account, you must submit their school, name, grade level, email address, gender, and information for any connected parent account(s). Parent accounts are connected to a specific student account or accounts, and they require submitting parents’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Administrator and educator accounts require submitting a name, email address, phone number, and institutional affiliation.

If you use a third-party log-on to create your account, such as Google, your password information will not be saved. If you do not use a third-party log on, accounts will require setting up a password with password recovery question responses.

Using: If Clarifi is used in connection with a school or institutional purchase, the administrators may provide Clarifi course and student information through an integration with the institution’s Learning Management System (“LMS”), using a standard LTI integration. When integrated with the LMS, Clarifi collects and processes names, email addresses, user roles, and course and assignment information. This allows Clarifi to prompt the student with the information they need to do their work, such as providing the student instruction details from the teacher for an assignment that is due soon.

Additionally, Clarifi’s virtual machines on the AWS Cloud allow students to store, share, and manage files and folders, including information stored within those folders. If the student chooses to do so, the virtual machine allows students to save system preferences and other online accounts. For example, you can connect your cloud storage accounts, like OneDrive and Google Drive. We do not collect or share your account credentials and your files stored. This information is only stored on your virtual machine’s image.

As part of using Clarifi products, students provide additional information on their work. Some of the information is provided through direct student responses, such as work planning, scheduling, and reflecting on their work. Other information is provided through how students use (or do not use) Clarifi, such as taking breaks, being active or inactive in their Sessions, attending or missing their Sessions, and Session time.

Finally, further changes to account status, information, and preferences are also stored and processed.

c. Voluntarily submitting additional data to Clarifi
You may also submit personal data to Clarifi in other situations:

Waitlist Signup: When you sign up to join the Clarifi waitlist, you will be asked to provide your name, email address, and affiliation and will authorize future contact from Clarifi and our team members.

Customer support: You can ask for help or communicate with us through a web survey or over email or another messenger. You may request technical assistance or work with Clarifi support for a number of reasons.

Survey and Study Data: Participation in our surveys and studies is entirely voluntary and optional. As part of a survey or study, you may provide Clarifi your personal and other data. We will use this information to improve Clarifi products and to effectively measure and communicate the impact of our products.

2. How that data is used and shared

a. Clarifi uses your information for various purposes:

      i. to provide you with your services, enabling students to be more productive and independent and parents, educators, and administrators to                  understand student workload and progress;

     ii. to understand and quantify the impact of Clarifi;

     iii. to improve our services and offerings;

     iv. to provide you quality customer service;

     v. to manage your preferences and progress;

b. Clarifi shares your information with others in limited circumstances:

         i. to provide students with information from their connected parents, educators, and administrators;

         ii. to provide parents with their student’s information

         iii. to provide educators and/or administrators with student’s information, as consented to by a student above the age of 18 or by a parent or                    parental guardian;

c. Additional uses and sharing information:

      i. Clarifi can use aggregated and anonymized information, so that the information cannot be connected to you or your device, for any purpose,            including without limitation research and marketing uses.

       ii. Clarifi can share data as part of a merging or acquisition of Clarifi Technologies LLC and/or its assets.

       iii. Clarifi can share data with third parties to comply with requirements or permissions of applicable law and U.S. federal, state, and local law             enforcement actions.

       iv. Clarifi can share data to promote the safety and security of our students, families, schools, and communities.

3. How that data is protected

Clarifi uses technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to protect your information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, or disclosure. Unfortunately, no internet connection or internet-connected service is ever 100% secure or 100% error free. For that reason, we do not warrant or ensure the security of your information, and we do not accept liability for unintentional disclosure.

As of this publication, Clarifi uses Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to store data and two-factor authentication for accessing accounts.

4. What choices you have for accessing the personal data you provide

The customer who purchases the Clarifi product can correct, amend, rectify or erase data by contacting a customer service teammate at Once requested by the purchasing customer, Clarifi will respond within 30 days. If you did not purchase Clarifi, but you would like to make changes to your personal data, please ask the purchaser, which may be the parent, school, or other institution, to submit the request on your behalf.

We process and store your data to meet our contractual or legal obligations. If you have an active account or ongoing agreement with Clarifi, your data will be stored unless you request us to delete your account. Once properly requested and processed, your request to delete your personal data will be completed within a reasonable period of time, excluding exceptional circumstances. Such exceptional circumstances include, but are not limited to, instances where governmental agencies instruct Clarifi to preserve the data, where there is ongoing or imminent litigation connected to the particular data, or where there is another overriding community interest to preserve the data.

5. And additional important privacy and data information

Changes to the policy
Clarifi maintains the right to amend this Privacy Statement. Clarifi changes its policy to reflect changes in its technology, in applicable regulations, and in its business activities. Clarifi will provide timely and effective notification to all of its customers prior to amendments going into effect.

Clarifi’s compliance with applicable regulation:

a. EU, California, and Nevada

Clarifi is not currently selling to the general public in the EU, California, or Nevada. If you are living in one of these places, unfortunately, we are not serving you at this time and you are not authorized to provide us your information.
Thank you for understanding!

b. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Clarifi complies with FERPA and supports its institutional partners’ compliance by taking the following actions:

    i. Clarifi expects partner compliance with notice requirements, disclosing the use of directory and non-directory records. Through disclosure, our         institutional partners should adequately notify students and families of the scope of the relationship with Clarifi.

    ii. Clarifi’s institutional partners can audit our services to ensure that student data is only being used for the proper purposes above.

    iii. Data is kept secure at all times.

     iv. Clarifi minimizes the personally identifiable information held and processed as much as possible. Often, when Clarifi collects and processes       information, Clarifi uses identification codes that are not personally identifiable.

c. Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

i. When schools purchase Clarifi:
Clarifi is compliant with COPPA when it is contracting with schools. According to the FTC, COPPA requirements do not apply to sites when they contract with schools to provide online educational services to schools and students. This protection extends to the purpose of the contract, meaning the purpose listed above (primarily in section 2ai). In accordance with FTC guidance, Clarifi is not required to get parental consent but can assume that the school has separately obtained proper parental consent.
For more information, please see FTC COPPA FAQ.

ii. When parents purchase Clarifi:
The Clarifi website and marketing materials are not directed at children under 13 years of age. Clarifi does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 13 years of age without their parent’s, legal guardian’s, or school’s express, prior consent.
Clarifi purchasers and website users must be 18 years of age. Individuals under 18 years of age may use Clarifi only with the involvement and consent of a parent or legal guardian and connected to their account.
As outlined in Section 4, parents who purchase Clarifi for minors may request to see, amend, or delete their personal information.

Additional privacy policy questions? No problem! Please send any questions to